Advantages & Disadvantages of Touchscreen Technology



 -Touchscreen devices have limited buttons that will possibly break after 3 – 4 years

-Touchscreen devices usually have more simple user interfaces Ex. Ipod Apps

-Having less or not buttons means that you can put more effort into having a big screen 

 –For the people worried about hygiene, most devices are easy to clean, some are even dirt, dust and grease resistant

-For people new or uncomfortable with normal desktops, touchscreens are easy to use helping more people get used to using computers×421.jpg




-The screen has to be big enough to be able to touch the buttons without missing

-Having a big bright screen and needing massive computing power to run this means a very low battery life

-In direct sunlight it is much less effictian and most of the time very difficult to read the screen

-If a touchscreen devise were to crash the whole screen would be unresponsive, and because of the lack of buttons revoering it would be very difficult

-The screens will get very dirty

-You have to be within arms reach of the device

-They usually cost more than ordinary divices

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